Awesome Artists: The Rural Alberta Advantage

Here a couple of weeks back I blessed all of you Deviants with another set of Awesome Artists so here I am to bring you a new group to jam it out to!

Hailing from northern North America (Canada is where I’m hinting at) is a three piece folk/indie band known as The Rural Alberta Advantage. This is a band that I first heard of while watching a trailer for a documentary (Flight of the Frenchies in case you were wondering) and since then have grown to fondly enjoy listening to. The band has been around for around a decade now and has three full albums to their name, all of which are quite enjoyable listens. They have a folk sound but even though there is only three instruments to play off of their music can be quite powerful and thoughtful. Frank AB was the first song that I ever listened to of theirs and it remains just as powerful and poignant to me now as the first time I heard it with its gradual build up and sad under tones. Another one of their newer songs, Not Love Or Death, has a similar meaningful vibe but is much louder and attacks its theme. While still relatively unknown this band is one that has a lot of heart in its music and deserves to be given a listen or two for you to appreciate the passion that you can feel within their songs. Below I’ve thoughtfully put a link to their website with several of their music videos and sound cloud for you to check them out (you can thank me later).

What do you all think of Rural Alberta Advantage? Let me know in the comments below and feel free to give me suggestions as to other bands that I should check out and feature here. As always thanks for giving this a read and don’t forget to keep checking back for more new material, o, and one more thing, stay Devious!




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