On My Mind: Nothing

Almost like clockwork it’s Wednesday again which beckons the question of what’s On My Mind so let me give you the low down.

For awhile now it seems like I’ve had a bunch of random things on my mind and a lot that I still have to do, which is true, and that’s kept me pretty occupied but the past couple of days my thoughts have seemed to drift off into nothing. It’s a very pleasant feeling when you finally have nothing on your mind other than the day to day things that you’ve got to do, it’s almost like your in a state of zen. With an empty mind it’s a bit easier to get things done it seems like because you don’t over-analyze anything and it seems like the solutions to everything are just so simple. The best metaphor I can think of to describe how my mind feels right now is just a peaceful spot somewhere out in the middle of nowhere with nothing around, no noise, people, cellphones, etc. and everything is just in the moment. Unfortunately this state of mind doesn’t last forever and always seems to be short lived but nonetheless it’s always much appreciated. Disappointingly for you I don’t have much else to say because, like I said, there really isn’t anything snaking around my head.

Well Deviants despite the short thought this week let me know if your mind has been clear or flooded in the comments below. Thanks for reading again and as always keep checking back for more new material every week. Keep it devious out there!




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