Adventure!-National Parks

Deviants it’s a Tuesday and that means that it’s time for a little Adventure! This week I’ve been inspired by all of the articles and things I keep seeing about this year being the centennial of the National Parks Service and in a early honor of that since next week is the official celebration I’ve decided to share some of my experiences with them.

As many you may have gathered from some of my previous posts about my travels and things that I like to do being in nature is arguably my favorite thing. I’ve been fortunate to travel quite a bit in my relatively short life (despite how old I think I am sometimes) and many of the trips and adventures I’ve been on have involved national parks. My time spent at these grand places has given me a great appreciation for what’s out there in the world and has fueled my desire for adventure every time I’ve set foot in one. The creation of national parks is to me one of the most important things that has ever been done to preserve nature and allow people to experience the magnificence of it. From some of the most well known ones in the United States to even the lesser known ones there have been places set aside just for people to appreciate their wonder. Fortunately the United States is not the only country to have national parks and there have been many other places preserved from development (which I’ve had the chance to go to several) that allow nature to continue to do its thing and inspire us. Many people have visited a national park in their lifetime or even a state park which has allowed them to get out of the concrete jungle that many of us find ourselves in and explore something a little less tame. No matter how close or far you live to one or how many or few you have been to national parks (anywhere in the world) have been able to affect your life even in the smallest way possible and hopefully will continue to affect lives for many more centennial celebrations to come.

Let me know about some of your experiences in national parks (or any other type of park for that matter) in the comments below. As always I appreciate the time all of you take to read these and don’t forget to keep checking back for some more new material just for your pleasure. Over the course of these next couple of weeks (and hopefully years) take some time to visit a park or two and make your own Adventure!




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