Awesome Artists: 10 Years

Well it’s been a couple of weeks since I gave you Deviants an Awesome Artist so I figured it was time to give you another one to feed the wolves.

This week I picked a band that has been around for a while now and definitely has some discography and a fan base to back them but has never seemed to really break all the way through and that band is 10 Years. This hard rock band hailing out of Tennessee has been around for around fifteen years almost since they were first formed and has seven albums to their credit. They’ve been a steady band on the rock scene since they put out their first major album with the song Wasteland an accompanying single. The band has spent a decent amount of time on the rock charts with other singles such as Fix MeBacklash and my personal favorite Shoot It Out. Their sound is a heavy rock with an alternative feel and a little bit of post grunge mixed in. You can always count on the accompanying lyrics to be well written and sound great with an overall musical vibe that gets you pretty pumped up. I had the pleasure to see these guys live a few years ago and there was nothing disappointing about their show at all. The performance was great, they had an upbeat and fun vibe that got the audience going and sounded even better live than on their albums (I even got to catch their lead singer when he dived off stage to crowd surf no big deal). If you’re looking for some music that’s well done and has a rocking tone then 10 Years is the band for you to check out.

Well that’s who I’m bringing you this week for a new artist to check out so let me know what you think in the comments below and please leave suggestions as to who I should check out and feature next. Get out there Deviants and keep it rocking!



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