On My Mind: Adulting

What’s going on all of you Deviants? We’re now halfway through the week which makes it that time again for another shot of what’s On My Mind.

This past week March wrapped up and we finally moved ourselves into April which meant that there’s only one month left until my graduation and the beginning of the actual world. It’s a pretty exciting prospect to be moving on to another new part of my life that I haven’t experienced before but it also is slightly terrifying. Looking at all of the paper work I have to fill out, bills to pay, things to look into, insurance and the wealth of other things like acting responsible all make growing up and adulting look just awful. Gone will be the days of only worrying about making it to around fifteen hours of class a week and turning things in on time and having that all add up to well less than a full time job. No longer will it be socially acceptable to spend a random weeknight staying up late and having all sorts of fun only to spend your next day in lounge-wear wishing you hadn’t gotten out of bed. Weekends may stay the same to an extent but there won’t be the same feeling of irresponsibility because come Monday you will have an actual job to go to and not just a few hours of class. The large pool of people that you will be able to interact with on a daily basis will suddenly shrink as you will no longer be in a setting of thousands of students about your same age that you can relate to. Adulting can have its perks though such as suddenly having a steady income that’s hopefully finally greater  than what you have to spend. The deadlines at your job for different things may still be there but now your work can actually be rewarded with something less arbitrary than a number and letter. A new sense of freedom may actually emerge also knowing that you can have the ability to make more choices as to where you go and what you end up doing because there’s no longer a set path of classes you have to follow to get from point A to point B.

Well that’s been On My Mind this past week so let me know what you think about adulting in the comments below and feel free to give this a share or like if you are experiencing the same things. As always don’t forget to keep checking back for new material and see what we’re up to on some of our other platforms. Keep it devious out there and keep on thinking!



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