How’re all of my Deviants doing now that March is finally over and we’re moving into some hopefully nicer weather in April? Since it’s Tuesday I’m here to bring you another Adventure! 

A few years ago I made the trek out to the East Coast of the United States to see a few of the sites that the area had to offer and I found myself in the city of Philadelphia. When you hear someone say Philadelphia most likely several thoughts come to your mind: the Revolutionary War, baseball, city of brotherly love, cheese-steak and the movie Rocky. With it being a major U.S. city and one with a lot of history that means that there’s quite a few things to check out so while I was there I tried to see a few of the highlights. One of the main things that I did while in the city was check out a some of the old historic sites where the U.S. got its start and the main one that I went to was Independence Hall. If you have a basic background in U.S. history then you know that Independence Hall was very important in the birth of the nation and was the home of many major decisions that led to the country becoming a country. Seeing the building in person and being able to be in an area where so much change happened was really impressive and then to walk across the lawn and check out the Liberty Bell (and the massive crack that’s still there) was just as cool. After all of that history you can find yourself a little hungry so I tried the city’s namesake cheese-steak at both of its most famous places for one, Pat’s King of Steaks and Geno’s Steaks (I can let you try them and decide for yourself which is the best). After some refueling I was able to go by the spot where Rocky famously ran up the steps (if you don’t know what I’m taking about shame on you) before doing a little ghost hunting. My family and I made a stop at Eastern State Penitentiary where some very well known prisoners stayed such as Al Capone during the time it was running. Unfortunately my sister and I where not able to pick up any evidence to back up the claims of it being haunted but our time there was brief. The city itself was an interesting and fun place to go with many more things that where left to explore after my short time there.

Let me know about your experience in Philly in the comments below or what you thought. If you have an adventure that you would like to share here contact me through any of these channels and you can be featured! As always don’t forget to keep checking back for more new material and go out there and make your own Adventure!



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