The Nerd Pit – Total War:Warhammer

Hey what’s up guys, it’s me again (yes…..again) “Fan Favorite” Joel Springman. Now prepare for eternal war, cause it’s Total War: Warhammer time! As my former roommates could tell you, I’m pretty big into my video games. Whether it’s killing the Covenant in Halo, stopping the Nazi Invasion in Company of Heroes, or fighting the darkness in Destiny, I will always have a special place in heart for my favorite line of video games, the Total War series.

The Total War series is a line of strategy games that spans history, and has a time period that can reach almost any gamer. Whether its building the Roman Empire, or destroying it, to the Sengoku Jidai (Age of the Country at War) in Japan to the Meji restoration, to the Imperial Age in Europe and its former medieval times. What’s great about these games is they allow you to recreate history, or rewrite it. What if ancient Egypt conquered Rome? Or the Shogun was victorious in the Meji restoration. These games let you create your wildest historical fantasies, like leading Viking hordes to conquer the Persian Empire, or leading the U.S. revolutionary armies in conquering Europe, the games let you do it all. They combine two of my favorite things: history and video games.

The Warhammer line was created by Games Worship. I have played some of the other Warhammer games before, but I was more into Warhammer 40K, which is set 38,000 years in the future. You play as many different factions in trying to end the eternal war in a small portion of the galaxy. One of the main points of the games is, there is no good guy. From a future inquisition that uses conscripts to fight heresy, to Space Marines (think Space Knights that are genetically modified), to Orcs only seeking loot and destruction, to the Chaos Gods, who only desire “blood for the blood god, and skulls for the skull throne,” and to others like Eldar (elves) and the Tyranids (telepathic space bugs) who consume all of the life of a planet in search of sustaining themselves. The game lets you be who you want, and assert your dominance over others even though I was never able to afford any of the figurines for the table top, or had enough time to invest in tournaments. I would highly recommend looking into the computer games if you are looking for an immersive gaming experience, with an awesome fan base.

Now some of you may be wondering, what does this have to do with the Total War line? They are now making the jump over. Total War lets you build armies on a campaign map (turn based), they then let you fight the battles in real time, which is pretty spectacular, it is not your ordinary strategy game line.

With the next title, Total War: Warhammer, they take a different turn. As some of you may know, Warhammer is set in a fantasy realm where “there is only war.” Imagine Lord of the Rings, but much bloodier and chaotic. They let you take on the roles of the Empire (FOR THE EMPEROR), Dwarfs (That’s going in the book of Grievances) , Vampire Counts (Awake the Dead), the Green Skins (Orcs, WAAAGHHHHHHHHHHH) to the Chaos Gods (BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!) . All of the factions let you play as who you want to be in accomplishing their goals, and fighting for what they believe is right and all of the factions are radically different from each other, and have unique play styles.

One of the most recent examples is the Vampire Counts. They use Vamparic corruption to spread disease and death throughout the land, and raise an army of the dead to wage a war on the light. All of their units are primarily zombies, with some massive bats and ghouls spread throughout. The Chaos Gods use demons and corrupted humans to wage eternal war. There’s also the Empire, who uses standard medieval units, combined with Steam Tanks and Hypogryph knights to combat the forces of darkness. The Dwarves in their Karaks use heavy armor and helicopters to combat those wishing to take their holes, and adding past grievances to their grudge list, demanding revenge. And finally the Orcs, who have massive hordes and seek loot and plunder to fill their blood lust.

I can’t say how excited I am for this video game, which releases May 24th. If you’re looking for an awesome strategy game to get into, this is the one you should get. Plus, Bear Cavalry, who doesn’t want to see an army of Bear Cavalry smashing into a horde of Zombies?

As always, thank you to the Devious Duo for letting me share a game I am passionate about.

Don’t do drugs kids!



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