The Nerd Pit: Batman V Superman Review


Hey Guys, Sup Girls. It’s me again “Fan-Favorite” Joel Springman. Coming at you live from the 31905. The Duo was gracious enough to let me back on the page! This week, I’ll review Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. As some of you know, I am a big comic book fan. However, I’m more in the Marvel side of the house then I am for DC, but you got to give respect where it’s due. DC comics has a wonderful group of comics and has done a lot to push the envelope. Now, let’s get to the review!

First off, the movie’s plot. The movie has a fantastic plot to it. No spoilers, but as the title implies, it tries to set up the next Justice League, as well as its individual super heroes. The plot takes some twist and turns as it sets up the heroes and the villains. While the movie has an ambitious plot, the movie itself doesn’t do it justice. Some of the plot points are treated more as a side note, and don’t fully contribute to the overall story itself. I believe it would have been better to set up Batman and Wonder Women individually before springing into an ambitious movie, such as this since the introduction of Wonder Woman is one of the best parts of the movie. Next up, the acting!

The acting in the movie is phenomenal. All of the actors do a good job in bringing the roles to life. I was a little skeptical at first about Ben Affleck as the new Batman, but he does a good job in bringing the role to life in his own way. One of my personal favorite roles goes to Gal Galdot, who brings the role of Wonder Woman to the big screen. I might be a bit biased, but Gal Galdot is beautiful, and her acting is phenomenal. I am really excited to see her individual title when it’s released. Now, it’s time for the character changes!

One of the things that really struck out at me was some of the character changes from the comics in the film. The one that really struck me was Batman’s; I was so surprised that Batman was just openly killing people during the film. One of the things Batman is known for is never using deadly force and I didn’t like this change, as it was a drastic difference from the comic books and really changed who Batman is. While it made it gritty, something I think DC has a leg up on Marvel for, it’s a pretty big character change.

Overall, I would highly recommend seeing the film. It takes some interesting twist and turns, and really sets up the future films more than some of the Marvel ones did (cough cough Thor). It’s a bit of a polarizing film, either you love it or you hate it. Don’t listen to just my opinion, go see it and decide for yourself!

As always, don’t do drugs kids,



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