On My Mind: Walking

Well, well, well Deviants it’s a Wednesday so now it’s time for my to give you a piece of what’s On My Mind.

During a pretty average day I find myself walking around quite a bit whether it’s to just go get some food from the pantry (if I really even have much of that to begin with) or taking a stroll outside when the weather is nice. There are several other situations where I find myself walking that involve being around other people such as at work or in public spaces which brings me to what I’ve been thinking about for a long time, walking courtesy. Sometimes when you’re moseying along where other people are you might notice others stopping randomly in the middle of the sidewalk or walkway just to look around or check if they’ve got something which I find to be kind of rude. It can be frustrating at times when an area is very crowded and you’re trying to get from point A to point B and people are randomly stopping causing a back up or mess of the flow of traffic. I believe that there should be proper etiquette  that dictates you move off to the side or find a spot where you will not be in the way if you need to sporadically stop. Another thing that I also find irritating is when people are on their phones or other devices while walking and are moving very slow or running into people due to their focus not being on the current task at hand. This also seems impolite to me because it’s being inconsiderate to the other people around you and causing problems for those that are trying to get to their destination. There are many other things that bother me about simple walking etiquette that I believe should be fixed but I think that addressing two of the biggest current ones is just a step on the path to fixing this epidemic. Be considerate and spread the word about being a more thoughtful walker because nobody’s time is more important than another and everyone deserves to be able to walk without being nervous about the inconsiderate actions of others.

Well Deviants that’s my little rant for the week so let me know what you think in the comments below and give it a like or share it if you agree that this is a major social crisis we need to fix now. Thanks for giving this a read and as always be sure to keep checking back for new material and keep it moving out there!



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