How’re all of my Deviants doing? As you may know I’ve returned from my travels and since some of you may be wondering about where I was and what I was doing I’ve decided to fill you in on it with this weeks Adventure! 

Recently I found myself on a plane over the Pacific Ocean on my way to southeast Asia to visit Thailand. This was a trip that my family had talked about doing for awhile and were recently able to embark upon to begin our brief trek around the country to explore just a little of all it had to offer. We started our trip in the city of Bangkok which is a special kind of hectic with a strange organization and purpose to all of the seeming chaotic traffic and crowding of it. To see the city we took a boat ride along the river and through the canals which allowed us to explore a floating market and a couple of Buddhist temples and even see the famous relaxing Buddha. Afterwards we traversed the city a bit stopping along a couple of the more touristy streets to grab a drink to cool off before calling it a day. Our next day we spent on the road to the Bridge Over the River Kwai to whistle our way across and ride a train to see the countryside and take a little raft along a river before hanging out with elephants (and yes as the picture indicates we rode them as my sister and I are doing in it). Our next day found us on a plane bound for Phuket which is known for its breathtaking beaches which we found. The time that we spent there was very relaxing with it mostly spent along the beach save for a day that we took a boat tour to some of the various islands to see what they had to offer and wander around. I was even able to meet up with a friend who’s currently traveling around Thailand and have a couple of drinks with him while we hung out on the beach! After our relaxing time there it was back to Bangkok for one more night of food and watching some dancing at a Buddhist shrine before heading back home. It was a very interesting and fantastic trip with a wide diversity of people and culture and an extremely friendly and helpful populous which made traveling very easy to do. I hope to head back someday to see more of what the country has to offer.

Well Deviants now that I’ve got you up to speed on what I’ve been up to lately let me know what you think in the comments below. As always feel free to share or like this if you thought it was pretty interesting.

Before I sign off though I’ve had a new idea and am looking for all of your help. You get to read a lot about my travels but I’m curious about all of yours so what I’m looking for is if anyone would be interested in sharing their experiences on any adventures that they’ve gone on. If you are just shoot me an email at and let me know if you are. As always keep checking back for more new material and make your own Adventure!



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