The Playlist

Well Deviants, I’m back! After a week of absence I’ve made my way back home and back to work getting you all new material. I’d like to take a quick moment to thank my partner in crime Anthony for doing the posts for me last week and keeping them solid! If you didn’t have the chance to read them be sure to go and give them a look. With all of that let me get right into it and let you know about The Playlist I’ve been listening to recently.

Daydream In Blue by I Monster: everything about this is just so beautifully trippy and the song with its techno beats and soft lyrics lulls you into a state of euphoric bliss which is perfect to just zone into your chill state with.

Delilah by Florence + The Machine: another song from my lady Florence off of her newest album this one has everything you could expect out of her, powerful vocals, strong instruments, thoughtful lyrics and a total package that absorbs you into the music.

If I Had Eyes by Jack Johnson: with the weather getting better I’ve been listening to a lot of Jack Johnson lately and this one has all of his typical upbeat style to go with from the first album I ever owned of his.

Custer by Slipknot: this is definately a far cry from the other songs on the list this week but this hard hitting (and very explicit) song from Slipknot has been getting me focused and pumped for my workouts and is just awesome.

Well Deviants that’s what I’ve got for you this week, feel free to share or comment in the section below about what you’ve been listening to or shoot me some suggestions. Don’t forget to keep checking back for new material and keep rocking Deviants!



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