Adventure!-Myrtle Beach, SC

Deviants, Nick goes on some crazy awesome adventures and travels to awesome locations. I don’t get to do that as often but I do enjoy traveling and meeting new people. I’m going to tell you all about my adventure that I went on last week to Myrtle Beach, SC.

As you may know, South Dakota is no where near South Carolina as the names might suggest. In fact they are about 1,500 miles apart. Jeesh! Any sane person would see this and say “Hey! That’s a long ways! Let’s just fly!” Deviants I am not a sane person nor am I rich. Four friends and I rented a car and drove 22 hours straight from Vermillion, SD to Myrtle Beach, SC. Now I’ve made this trip before so I knew what to expect, and the trip seemed to be fairly quick. One of my friends and current co-host of the radio show, Cody Breen, had family that owns a house down there that let us stay there for free. That was very awesome of them! During our travels we quickly adapted the song “Out for a Rip” by B Richmond to our lives which you should definitely give a listen. That very same day one of my best friends and fan favorite on the radio show, Joel Springman, came and met us down there. Once we were situated into the house, the real fun began.

Every night down there we spent at least two hours chilling in the hot tub. Fun fact: two years prior to this I drowned my iPhone in the very same tub; it did not survive. Our first night after the tub was spent visiting the local bars around the area we stayed at. One of the bars had karaoke to which I sang “Wonderwall” by Oasis. You should have been there because I killed it and I impressed the entire bar which was comprised of about 15 elderly people. Don’t believe me? Just come up to me and I’ll serenade you with my rendition of the song. The first night was very relaxed and nothing too glamorous.

Day two was spent by the beach and various other piers. While we were down there, the weather was never quite good enough to go to the beach. Instead, we walked by it and explored all the cool stores and restaurants of Mid-Myrtle; I bought some pretty sweet looking American Flag sunglasses from a surf shop. On this day we also went on a helicopter ride that showed us Mid-Myrtle from above which was kind of cool. Definitely not worth the $20 spent to go on the ride. At night after the hot tub, we took an Uber up to North Myrtle where we partied it up at one of the bars. Being the awesome, devious person that I am, I met a few nice people at that bar and got their Snapchat names. Go me.

On the third day, my group was starting to feel pretty exhausted since we had been constantly doing things the past two days. We spent the day shopping and checking out a fun area called “Broadway.” Here they had boat rides, an aquarium, a variety of different shops, and many other cool places. We went to a fun amusement building called “Wonder Works” and finished the day eating at the Hard Rock Cafe. Of course later that night we hit the hot tub and began to game plan the rest of the night. Most of the group decided they were too tired or sick to go out. One of my buds and I hit the local bars again. I drank and drank and drank that night. Before I knew it I was absolutely hammered and stealing a traffic cone. I regret nothing. The bartender tried ripping me off by claiming I had not paid for my last set of drinks even though I did and had the receipt for them.

Day numero four was spent playing mini-golf, shopping, and trying to recover from my God-awful hangover. Kids, if you’re going to drink a lot of alcohol please make sure you drink plenty of water after doing so. Not much was to be said of the day time activities except we did go to a really cool mini-golf course that had 36 holes. After the hot tub, most of everyone decided they weren’t going out except for the same bud I went out with the night before. We went to the “Broadway” where there were a multitude of bars and clubs. We started our night at what is quite possibly the best karaoke bar ever where the participants have a stage to sing on and perform. We met a couple other buds on our way to the next club who were from North Carolina. We reached our destination which had a foam party going on. We partied it up in the foam and moved onto the next club where we danced and drank our asses off until 3:00 AM! After leaving the club, we took an Uber back home, continued drinking, and went to bed at around 6:00 AM.

The following day was spent with more shopping, and we ate at a restaurant where the waiters treat you like crap. Everyone but myself had been pretty exhausted by this point and decided to skip the tub and go to bed. I had thought about going out on my own but decided not to go out with at least one of my buds. The day after that we traveled back to the great land of South Dakota which took us about 23 hours. For some reason the way back seemed to take much longer than the way there. Upon our arrival my suit case broke to which I said screw it and passed the hell out because I had an awesome and fun Spring Break 2K16!

Let me know what you did for Spring Break and what some of your favorite places to go hiking or spend time outside in the comments below and as always feel free to share this so we can infiltrate everyone’s livelihood with our deviousness! Keep checking back for more new material and Deviants, make your own Adventure!



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