Adventure!-Good Earth/Gitchie Manitou

Hey all you crazy Deviants! It’s Tuesday and with that comes a new Adventure! for your reading pleasure so let me begin.

This week I decided to discuss a little adventure that I went on this past weekend with a friend of mine to go hiking at a couple of different spots that are near where I’m currently living. Over the weekend the weather was perfect, the sun was out and the temperatures were great, which drew my friend and I outside to go hiking. The first stop on our trek was to Good Earth State Park which is located just east of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The park is a historic site with a far reaching history of Native American tribes residing in and around the area and it also contains some spectacular views and good, beginner level hiking. The trails in the park are very straight forward and not too hilly which made for an easy jaunt. Part of the trails run along the river and along the overlooks just above it which gave us some great views. After our journey along the trails of Good Earth my friend and I made our way just over the border into Iowa to Gitchie Manitou State Preserve to continue our day of hiking. The preserve also has a rich Native American history along with some easy hiking paths. There aren’t as many trails at Gitchie Manitou but they do also have some great views and interesting things along them such as the river, old quarry and buildings, wildlife and old rock outcroppings. Both areas are conveniently close which makes for a great day of easy hiking at areas that aren’t overcrowded with traffic which fortunately for my friend and I we were able to spend a day enjoying.

Let me know what are some of your favorite places to go hiking or spend time outside in the comments below and as always feel free to share this along if you’re feeling friendly today. Keep checking back for more new material and Deviants, make your own Adventure!



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