On My Mind: Outdoors

Hey there Deviants on another Wednesday! Since it’s hump day let me keep you up to date about what’s been On My Mind.

Now that the snowy hell that’s also known as February is over my mind has been creeping ever closer to dreaming about being outside. This past weekend gave me a brief taste of good weather and after being cooped up all winter I’m now itching to run around somewhere in the sun. Being inside makes me anxious most of the time because anytime I look out a window and see sun, see a picture of somewhere cool or think about being outside I begin to get that itch to go out the door and dive into something more natural. Being in nature or even just sitting on a porch or patio is one of the most underrated things for most people I think because in our society there are so many things that draw a person or force them inside. Very few things in life are quite as pleasant as feeling the warmth from the sun hitting your face and taking in a breath of fresh air. After months of being confined to spend most of my time inside it’s almost the moment that I will be able to casually go outside whenever I have an opportunity just to feel the sun without getting bit by the snapping cold. Soon spring will hit and then summer will follow and endless hours will be spent soaking in the rays and taking in the fresh air but until then being outside will just have to be On My Mind.

How do you like the outdoors Deviants? Let me know in the comments below and continue to share our content around when you are feeling good. As always keep checking back for more new content every week and keep it Devious!



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