Well Deviants just on time it’s Tuesday so that means it’s time for a new Adventure! Let’s get walking.

For this week’s edition of Adventure! I decided to write about a place that I have been to on a couple of different occasions that I had a great time in and that place is Memphis. When someone says Memphis the first few thoughts in most peoples’ mind are probably blues music, BBQ and Beale Street. All of these are integral parts of the city and some of the best things to enjoy down there especially in combination. My first trip down to Memphis was pretty short, just about a day, and during it I was able to just briefly glaze over what the city had to offer. I went to Corky’s for fantastic BBQ, Beale Street where I listened to some good blues music and drove by Elvis’ place. It was a lot to soak in over a day so I made the journey back a few years later with a couple of friends during a road trip. This second attempt at traversing the city was much more successful, we were able to see much more of the city and spend more time in various places. During it we hit up several BBQ joints to try a variety (Corky’s is still my favorite) and afterwards did some wandering along the waterfront and through some historical areas. We saw quite a few live blues shows and a couple non blues shows while enjoying some cold beverages. Lastly we were able to enjoy the Memphis nightlife and get a taste of how Beale Street could be on some special celebratory occasions. Overall the city was a lot of fun with a lot for us to do and a good atmosphere to just hang out. If you ever find yourself in the area at least stop by for a bite while jamming to some moody blues with a brew in hand.

Well Deviants that’s what I got for you this week, let me know what you thought in the comments below or of your experiences there yourself and feel free to share this if you enjoyed it. Get out there Deviants and make your own Adventure!



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