The Playlist

Happy leap day you Deviants! Since it’s leap day and Monday it’s time for The Playlist of what’s been on my musical mind this past week, so let’s rock.

-The Devil In I by Slipknot: this song off of their latest album is just so epic and awesome I can’t help but use it as one of my pre-workout pump up jams, seriously if you want to get jacked up listen to it.

-You’re Going Down by Sick Puppies: another perennial pre-workout song for me and one that’s back on that playlist again, it just makes you feel ready to get after it.

-Pieces by PLGRMS: this jam is definitely under listened to in my opinion right now with its funky groove and solid rhythms.

-Bubble Toes by Jack Johnson: a super chill song from arguably my favorite chill artist this one off the first album is super happy and always can bring a smile to your face.

Well that’s the latest list for all of you! Hope you enjoyed it and if so let me know in the comments below or let me know who to listen to and if you feel so inclined share it with your friends (or acquaintances). Don’t forget to keep checking back for more new material and keep on rocking Deviants!



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