Awesome Artists: Cherub

Well nice to see all you Deviants again! It’s been a couple of weeks so that means it’s time for a new edition of Awesome Artists. Let’s get cracking then.

For this weeks edition I decided to feature a band that very few people (other than my close friends) have heard of and that band is Cherub. This is a two piece band out of Nashville that has an electronic and alternative mixed sound and vibe to them. Their musical catalog is relatively small since they’ve only been around for several years but what they do have is fun to jam to on repeat. Their music and sound isn’t for everyone especially those not into an electronic style or party style music but if you’re looking for something different than is typically played at a party or a club that you can get down to then these guys are it. I’ve had the pleasure of going to one of their shows about a year ago and the gig was great and since they’re great about interacting with fans it was super easy to meet them and chat after the show. The most popular song and recognizable one of their’s is Doses and Mimosas which is a great party tune with a good beat and easy chorus to sing along to. Another great song to get your groove on to is Monogamy which has potentially offensive lyrics (depending on your views) but nonetheless is fun to dance to and scream with your friends. My personal favorite song of their’s is Jazzercise ’95 which is just an overall infectious song with an accompanying music video that’s amusing as hell. They have two albums out for you to check out, MoM & DaD and Year of the Caprese.

Well Deviants that’s all I got for you today, be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below or of anyone that you think I should feature or check out. Thanks for reading and be sure to keep checking back for more new material, party on Deviants!



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