On My Mind: Spring

Hey there again all you devilish Deviants! It’s half way through the week again so it’s time for me to give you a dose of what’s On My Mind.

After many months of hard contemplative thought and some personal soul searching I’ve discovered that I still don’t like winter at all. From that first snow to the ice covered windows there is not a lot of things that I enjoy about it (other than the very brief festiveness of it in December). With that being said something glorious seems to be happening recently, spring. I know that I’m possibly jumping the gun a bit on it but from the consistent snow melt, above freezing temperatures and occasional sun I think that it might be coming soon. My relationship with spring is one of mostly love but occasional betrayal and hate. Most of the times it’s wonderful with rising temperatures, plants coming back to life, more warm sunshine and the ability to not be forced to live like a hermit but then there are its temper tantrums. Occasionally spring can cheat on you with winter and have some random snow storm (at least in the Midwestern part of the U.S.) and you will find yourself asking what happened to all of the good times. It’s during these instances that you realize that spring is more of a tease than anything but you know that right around the corner true love awaits and that my friends is summer. For now we’ll have to finish up this cold and miserable month of February but soon, very soon, the sun will shine down and we can find ourselves frolicking in our bathing suits in the sun on a beach sipping down a few drinks and getting a little crazy with our friends.

Let me know what you think of spring and this time of year in the comments below and if you enjoyed this feel free to share it with your friends, family and maybe even a few strangers. Thanks for checking in again and don’t forget to keep coming back for more new material every week. Stay warm and stay weird Deviants!



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