On My Mind:A Lot

How’s it going today Deviants? It’s a hump day which means that it’s time for another fresh edition to On My Mind, so shall we begin?

Lately I’ve had a lot of things on my mind that are just jumbling together into one big mess of ideas. Getting ready for graduation and searching for jobs takes up a good deal of my thought time whether it’s making sure that I’m getting everything done to complete my degree or spending hours searching and applying for positions. As many of you may already know or will know sometime in the near future it’s not as much fun as it sounds like when you’re younger. The whole process of growing up is just a pain which has also been on my mind because soon I will have more bills to pay, more responsibilities and a lot less time to just goof around and not worry about anything. Another one of the things that comes with job hunting and growing up is looking for a place to live which is something that’s a pain in and of itself but isn’t made any easier when you still aren’t sure where it is that you’ll be moving to. Combine all of those things and the other random things that seemingly occur everyday to just cause more to contemplate and you have a brain that doesn’t seem to slow down. The fact that it seems like everyone around me is finally getting their things in order or is just still so far removed from having to worry about any of this and you can imagine the inside of my head containing that red emotion from Inside Out. Soon enough though things will probably cool down a bit and I will be able to shut my head down for a little while but until then I’ll continue to frantically organize my thought processes without mixing too many things around.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and tell me what’s been on your mind lately. If you feel so inclined share this around with your friends and make sure to check back for fresh new material and remember to stay smooth out there Deviants!



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