How’s it going Deviants? Since it’s Tuesday that means it’s time for another Adventure! So here we go.

This week I’ve decided to change it up a bit with this post and not talk about just one place in particular or even a variety of places in particular because I want to talk about anywhere. What I mean by anywhere is that an adventure is not always some place tropical or somewhere with crazy geography but it’s wherever you find yourself doing something out of the ordinary and unique. Adventure through travel can come in many different forms whether it be that family vacation to the beach or just hoping in your car by yourself for a road trip. One of the biggest problems that people have is that everyone wants to go out and do something cool or exciting and because of the crazy amount of ways people are connected these days people seem to have forgotten that not all adventures have to be difficult or extravagant. The hardest part for most people about trying something new or going somewhere is just pulling the trigger on it and committing to do it because it can take you out of your comfort zone but getting out of that zone is the only way to grow and experience something different. I’ve been lucky in that I’ve had the opportunity to travel and experience a lot of different things during my pretty short life and one of the things that has allowed me to learn is that when you want something you just have to go for it. If you want to see something or go on that trip you always dreamed about do whatever you have to to make that happen whether it’s starting a savings plan for the money or simply asking for time off from work make it happen. Your trip can be as simple as going camping at the state park near you or as crazy as climbing Everest but they both start at the same place with you committing to yourself. Think about where you really want to go and make that your goal and see it through so you can find yourself soon on an Adventure!

Let me know what you think in the comments below and feel free to share this around if you were so kind. Thanks again for reading Deviants and go out and make your own Adventure!



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