Awesome Artists: IAMDYNAMITE

Well what’s going on Deviants? It’s been a couple of weeks but on cue for you here is another Awesome Artists!

For this addition I decided to feature a band that I have been listening to a lot over the past few years despite their music catalog being pretty small and that band is IAMDYNAMITE. I saw these guys perform at a concert I went to around three or four years ago and after their ridiculous and awesome performance I fell in love (think Stairway to Heaven on a recorder). They are a small rock band with just two members, one on the guitar and vocals and the other on the drums and vocals. The band may be small but the sound is anything but with melodic choruses and powerful instrumentals. One of my favorite songs of theirs is Where Will We Go? which has a fast pace with catchy lyrics and a mood of excitement and energy. Carolina tells a great story through the music and keeps the rock coming throughout. Their latest single In the Summer has everything you would expect from them such as a memorable hook and upbeat attitude with a new fresh twist.When you find the time you should check out their first album Supermegafantastic and their latest album Wasa Tusa to hear something different then what is typically found on your radio stations and to help boost a band that is underrated in my opinion.

Thanks for reading my post again Deviants, let me know what you think in the comments below or tell me some bands that you would like me to talk about on here that you think might be underrated. Keep checking back for more new material every week and keep it Devious!



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