Well hey all you sly Deviants out there it’s Tuesday so it’s time for a little Adventure!

Some of you may have noticed a trend of me discussing outdoorsy kind of trips that I have been on (Ecuador was a bit of everything) so I decided that I would switch things up a bit on you this week and talk about a place that wasn’t very outdoorsy and was part of the concrete jungle, Chicago. I have been through and in Chicago and several occasions so I’ve had a few chances to try different things there. It’s a very large city as many of you may know and one that it seems quite a few people end up going to for some reason or another at some point. As far as things to do there I had pretty much an endless amount of options (except for bars because I haven’t been there since I turned 21). If you are into concerts there’s plenty of those or if you fancy hanging out in a park there’s a couple very large ones and probably countless small ones for you to check out. It sits on Lake Michigan which also provides the opportunity for a multitude of water activities that you can do, weather dependent. For the architecture lovers there is countless old buildings and new buildings that are unique to the city skyline along with a few sky scrapers such as the Willis Tower (I had a picture of me in that one but I look embarrassingly young in it). The city is also a great place for sports lovers with a professional basketball, football and hockey team along with two professional baseball teams and other countless opportunities to watch a variety of sports. I myself went to a Cubs game at the iconic Wrigley Field and enjoyed all of the classic amenities such as hot dogs, extra innings, peanuts and even sitting near Vince Vaughn (since I’m kind of a big deal).

Let me know what you think of Chicago in the comments section below or any other city you have been that is really cool. Don’t forget to keep checking back for more new material every week to keep up with everything Devious and remember to make your own adventures!




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