The Playlist

Happy Monday Deviants! To start the week off it’s time for The Playlist to give your ears something new to listen to this week so let’s get rolling.

-Bloodfeather by Highly Suspect: we have featured these guys on here before (been a fan since before their much deserved radio presence) and their new single is another gem with its dirty sound and hard hitting beats from a hopefully emerging band.

-Bullet with Butterfly Wings by Smashing Pumpkins: a classic song from a highly influential alternative band this one has in my opinion one of the best opening lines of any song ever and for some reason keeps popping up on the radio when I am on the road (not that I am complaining).

-Like a Stone by Audioslave: everyone should hear this song by one of the best supergroups that has ever been assembled, it keeps popping up on the radio for me and the sexy guitar rifts, Chris Cornells phenomenal vocals and great musical production make this a song I am happy to keep listening to.

-Cake By The Ocean by DNCE: I know this is a very poppy song and is all over pop radio but it’s catchy as hell and I can help but keep jamming to it every time it comes up.

Well Deviants that’s another playlist for you this week, let me know what songs are in your head and which ones I should be listening to in the comments section below. Don’t forget to keep checking back here throughout the week for more new material and remember to rock on Deviants!


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