On My Mind: Jobs

Hey there you crazy Deviants! It’s Wednesday which means that it’s time for another spiel about what’s On My Mind.

For anyone that knows me personally this might not come as much of a shock but jobs have been on my mind a lot lately. Not just any type of jobs though like the part time ones I have found myself working for years now since my first mowing jobs but adult ones that are hopefully a little better paying and have benefits. Many people start this search for being an adult with a real job sooner than I have. Being in college has afforded me the luxury of just having to work part time and know that I have “plenty” of time until I need to actually search for a full time real job. Well that time has come for me finally with my graduation looming and it’s even more of a pain in the ass than I thought it would be. Earlier I had a taste of the job hunt when I searched for an internship but those are a bit easier to come by and receive since most people don’t have to pay you for your work during that time. When it comes to looking for a paid full time job out of school everything that you find basically falls into two categories, the first are the ones that you don’t have enough experience for and the second are the ones that were hoping for someone with a bit more experience. The first category is pretty easy too kick out of your search but also happens to be the largest while the second category looks hopeful until they get back to you (if they even have the courtesy to do that) and let you know that they wanted someone with just a month more experience than you have. What is the most amusing part of the need for experience from employers is that almost none of them are willing to give people experience through a job opportunity so there continues to be unqualified potential employees out there. I have not given up hope yet because that is the only thing I have right now and anyone in the same position is me shouldn’t either because eventually someone out their will think you look alright as a candidate. Hopefully soon my information passes in front of someone that takes an interest but until then I will continue to chug away with the countless applications that I have sent in.

Let me know about your search for jobs or preparation for the search in the comments below (or if you have one for me). As always Deviants be sure to keep checking back for more new material and passing word about us on to your friends! Remember to stay strong my friends and keep pondering what’s on your mind.



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