The Playlist

Deviants I am back! After surviving another week I have a new playlist for you all and also a new picture for the series (took it myself no big deal) so let’s get rolling.

-State of My Head by Shinedown: this song really gets me going and is pretty inspirational in my opinion, it’s kind of taking on my new current theme song in life.

-Say My Name by Peking Duk: the music video is really obnoxious in the best way possible and the song just makes me want to bust out every dance move that I can think of.

-Bad Things by Jace Everett: to be honest I couldn’t tell you a thing about this artist other than I love the song (partly because it reminds me of the show True Blood) and its seductive overtones.

-The James Bond Theme Song: I shouldn’t even have to bother explaining why this would be in my head or anyone else’s, it’s awesome.

Well Deviants that is what I have been listening to and jamming out with for the past week so let me know what songs you have been getting your groove on to and feel free to share this around with your friends if you were so inclined (I would love you for it). Keep checking back for more new material every week and take it easy Deviants and keep rockin!



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