Gosch Darn Thoughts – Appreciation

The last two weeks I’ve ranted about things that really bother me. This week is no different… sort of. Just read on and see what I have to say about appreciating things in life.

If you’ve read my bio then you know that I am in the military. Prior to going to basic training, I took most things for granted. At basic training you are told what to do in almost every situation. You don’t have much choice for food, you shower with others in a group shower, and you sleep in a massive room filled with other bunks with all of your fellow soldiers.


Any privacy you may have had before basic training was gone. While I was at training I realized I don’t fully appreciate things in life. I never realized how awesome it was to have a door, or a shower to myself, the freedom to eat whatever I wanted, or say whatever I wanted. So many things that I found basic turned out to be things I appreciate the most because of how much I use them. I got to thinking. Maybe I take things a bit for granted.

But Anthony’s brain-train doesn’t stop there! One of the problems we all have is that we never appreciate anything enough.

Look at Mt. Rushmore. Maybe you have before. If not think of some man made structure you’re familiar with like the Eiffel Tower. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing these large beautiful structures that we often forget the man hours, dedication, and precision it took to make such a fantastic work of art. Just think to yourself, could you have built that? Of course not! So give it some appreciation! Unless you said yes then dream big you magnificent son of a bitch!

Ever heard a youngish person complain about how there’s no WiFi/Data somewhere or that his/her app took too long to load. Don’t kid yourself! You’ve made the same complaints! Well stop for a second and realize the computing power that was bestowed in your precious hands! You can literally run a business from that “slow” piece of shit! I want you to picture yourself in a random warehouse with no one else. You have all the resources to build anything technological. No way you could make something close to the device in your pocket!

Okay look here you ungrateful sons of bitches, there are many more things I could list off that you need to appreciate but I’m going to leave that sort of creativity and thought process to you readers! Quit your bitching and appreciate what you’ve been given. Not everyone’s as lucky as you. Go have yourself an adventure.

Is there something that people don’t appreciate enough that bothers you? If you thought of anything, sound off in the comment section below. I’d love to hear what you have to say! Also let me know what you think of my “AMAZING” photoshopped pic of me I made! Expect ridiculous pictures like this to be a trend!

Stay Devious.




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