Awesome Artists: Until the Ribbon Breaks

Deviants, it is back! After a long hiatus from doing Awesome Artists I finally have made it back into the realm of showing off musicians that I think might be underrated at the moment. Fridays, possibly weekly or maybe bi-weekly, I will be bringing you the new (relatively speaking) artists that I have found and believe you should give a listen to, so without further ado let’s get going.

To start things off again I have decided to showcase an artist I have been listening to for around a year now that still has not seemed to get any bigger to me and that artist is Until the Ribbon Breaks. If you haven’t listened to these guys or heard about them you should make it a point to check them out sometime soon. Hailing from Britain this alternative, hip hop, electronic, etc. band has only one full album out but they have produced several tracks that are quite catchy and have a great flow to them. My personal favorite of theirs is the song “A Taste of Silver” which is perfect to my ears. It has a very seductive feel to it through the lyrics and music with a tempo that keeps everything going at just the right pace. Another one of their songs that I really dig is “Pressure” which makes me want to move despite it not being a dance song but damn the beats in it are just so good. They only have a few videos to go with their songs but they are really good. Until the Ribbon Breaks also has several rescores and remixes that they have put out that are fresh new takes on some already pretty good songs. If you have the time check out their album “A Lesson Unlearnt” because it is a nice thing to do for your ears or at least give a few of their songs a spin on YouTube or soundcloud.

Let me know what you think of these guys if you haven’t heard them before or even if you have and if you have some suggestions for under-appreciated artists let me know below also. If you would be so kind to share this post or at least let people know about it and all of the other material that we put out here the Devious Duo would appreciate it. Keep those ears open and don’t forget to check back for more new material every week!



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