On My Mind: Valentine’s Day

Well Deviants it’s Wednesday so let’s get rolling with a new On My Mind.

Now I understand that this is a bit early since Valentine’s Day is still a couple of weeks away (I think) but it recently came to my attention and has been bothering me for a couple of days now. I was in at the grocery store a couple of days ago trying to find what food I could on sale (which as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago is quite difficult for me) and I noticed that the usual holiday aisle was now full of Valentine’s Day junk. I call it junk because it was junk food (delicious candy) and cheesy little gifts that are only good for a 24 hour time span. Personally I am not a huge fan of the day (not just because I am single) due to the fact that it seems very commercial and like a silly day in the first place. I have never celebrated it, you can ask my ex’s, because I don’t think that you should have one day where you show someone how much you care about them and then don’t due anything special the rest of the year outside of a birthday and maybe anniversary. I do understand that it is nice to have a day of the year dedicated to showing affection but for me it seems a little too fake and forced. In my humble opinion the best part about Valentine’s Day is the day after candy sales (just like Halloween) and the stomach pains I receive after eating a large bag of assorted candy. For those of you that use the day to celebrate with a significant other but don’t use at as the only one to do something special my supreme admiration because it doesn’t seem like that is the norm with it. To all of my fellow single people out there let’s use the day as an excuse to go out with all of our single friends and party it up a bit to celebrate our freedom and recover the next day with some cheap bags of candy.

Let me know what thoughts you have on Valentine’s Day and if you have any cool stories about previous ones or suggestions for strange ways to take someone on a date for it (because those are the best ways to show affection.) Give this post a like at share it around for your friends to read if you enjoyed it and be sure to keep checking back for new material every week. Stay weird Deviants and stock up on your candy soon!



2 thoughts on “On My Mind: Valentine’s Day

  1. Well what if you were born on Valentine’s Day? I know two guys who are born on Valentine’s Day. One is currently in a relationship and I bet he’ll get all the sweet chocolates, sweet cakes from their sweetheart and family and all hahaha.


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