Deviants! It’s time for a new series that will hopefully stay on Tuesdays (haven’t decided if it will be weekly or bi-weekly) where I give you a sort of travel blog about places I have been. Sometimes they may be extravagant places and other times they might simply be a park that I went swinging in, so with that let’s get started!

The very first Adventure! post is going to be about the place where I lived during last summer for several months, Ecuador. A quick bit of geography for all of you, Ecuador is located in the northwestern corner of South America and is situated in between Columbia and Peru. While it is tiny compared to a lot of other countries there is a ton to do. I lived in the capital city of Quito with a wonderful host family (and their two giant dogs) and spent most of my weekends traveling when I wasn’t working. The city of Quito itself has a lot of history behind it and some unique old buildings and cultural sites along with a pretty fun night scene (I had a good time anyway). My travels included several trips to various volcanoes and mountain peaks, the pacific coast a couple of times, a cloud forest, the amazon river basin, the lowlands, and various other places and cities. I had a great time down there and made quite a few good friends along with a few maybe questionable decisions (but what fun is life without them?). The only thing I missed out on was the Galapagos Islands but I didn’t have the money so that will have to be for my next outing down there!

If you have ever been to Ecuador let me know what you thought of it in the comments section and we can chat about it or if you have some cool places or stories to share about your adventures let me know below. Feel free to share or like this if you enjoyed reading it and help me decide if I should have it be bi-weekly or weekly. Make your own Adventures Deviants!



6 thoughts on “Adventure!-Ecuador

  1. I was in Bolivia and Argentina and I have flights to Peru this year. Thinking of either returning to Bolivia or going to Ecuador, but put off by reports on safety or the lack thereof, particularly in Quito. What is your experience of security in Ecuador.


    • My personal experience was good with security, especially around tourist areas. In popular areas there was always extra security and in less popular areas I never felt nervous. As long as some common sense was used about where and when I went places things were great.

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    • I would definetly give it a try if you have the chance, it’s a very affordable place to go with a wide variety of stuff to do. If you would want some more info on it feel free to shoot me an email with any questions!


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