The Playlist

What’s happening Deviants? It’s Monday so that means it’s time to bring you some more music that has been stuck in my head this past week, so let’s roll.

-My Type by Saint Motel: this song is just so damn up beat and catchy along with some pretty silly lines that should be added to anyone’s pickup book.

-Cocoon by Catfish and the Bottlemen: sweet in a strange way with some pretty solid lyrics that make you just feel good.

-Backseat by Atlas Genius: if you know me personally then you know that this song with a sexy rhythm and suggestive lyrics gets stuck in my head pretty frequently.

-Footsteps by Pop Evil: it’s inspiring and when it comes on my radio before I start my workout I get pretty amped up.

-Make It Wit Chu by Queeens of the Stone Age: you all should know this song and know why it has been in my head most of the year and if you haven’t heard it well get on the bandwagon and prepare for some ecstasy.

Let me know what has been on your minds lately with music and leave a comment to get some more music in my head, also share this if you would be so inclined and don’t forget to keep checking back for some more new things from the Devious Duo!



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