On My Mind: Food

Hello all of my Deviants! It’s Wednesday so that means it’s time for another edition of On My Mind, so let’s get started.

It may seem like something that is on everyone’s mind most of the time (especially mine) but food has been on my mind a lot lately. I have been in the fortunate position to be a broke college student who’s doing an internship and has an income in the red which means food is becoming more valuable than money to me. A lot of people go through this phase at some point in their life or have the terrible experience of never seeming to escape it which is really horrible. Food is just so damn good and any time I hear about it, see it, smell it, dream of it, and cry over it I just get hungry. I can think of very few things that might be universally agreed on the way food is, not everyone likes the same things or has the same opinions on it but everyone can agree that eating the food they like is better than most anything that they can think of when a craving hits. Since I am not a picky eater almost anything sounds good to me at pretty much any given point in time, burgers, dark chocolate, ice cream, fries, a steak, and since most of my diet consists of peanut butter, oatmeal, bread and eggs along with whatever fruit, vegetables and meat happens to be on sale, my cravings are constant and strong. There may be a lot of problems in the world that are more important than my desire to just simply eat but all of that takes a backseat as soon as the idea of eating creeps into my head. Actually just writing about food is starting to make me hungry, it might be time for another peanut butter sandwich…

Well Deviants if you have any comments, questions or concerns about food leave a comment below and make sure you grab something to eat when you check up on the new material that we have coming out every week!



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