Gosch Darn Thoughts – Vaping

Hey there Deviants! This is the first blog post from myself, Anthony, where I share my opinions on a matter and hopefully give you a laugh. Enjoy!

In today’s world having something in your mouth and taking it out is a common trend. Anything from cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and gum to pencils, fingers, and so on are the usual objects one puts in his or her mouth and takes out. What really bothers me is putting said substance or object in your mouth for spectacle and really for no good reason. Now I’m guilty of doing said things mentioned above but what strikes a nerve with me, so much so that I want to slap someone up side the head, is vaping. Putting that obnoxious machine in your mouth and blowing out your vapor like a gosh darn “Choo-Choo” train is flat out ridiculous. If I’m at a bar or social gathering, I do not wish to have my precious oxygen taken over by a cloud of whatever you decided to exhale and have it lingering there for me to breathe. That’s f*****g nasty. Also pulling it out and deciding to vape in front of everyone is not cool. If you do this, you in deed look like a tool. Now if you vape because you’re getting over smoking, that’s great. Way to be healthier. Just don’t pull it out in a crowd like an idiot and run the risk of me hitting you. If you do it because you’ve never smoked before and just want to look cool, just stop. You don’t look cool. You look like a pretentious ass hat who is too pussy to smoke a real cigarette. My smoking days are behind me, but you’d sooner see me dead than taking a drag off an e-cig or whatever the hell those machines you buy to make your exhaling breath look like a frickin fire extinguisher.

So those are my thoughts. If you like this or disagree with me comment below! Thanks for reading and remember to stay DEVIOUS!



One thought on “Gosch Darn Thoughts – Vaping

  1. As a long time Vaper and now working in the e-cig industry i have watched it and joined in it’s evolution.
    It does now however have an anti-social aspect associated with it now, what you are referring to with the large amounts of vapour. This is referred to and known as “Cloud Chasing”.
    What a lot of people don’t know about electronic Cigarettes is, that while many start off using them as a gateway to get off traditional tobacco products such as cigarettes – a large percentage will find themselves as i did down the route of the Hobbyist, by visiting forums and the likes. there are online communities of vapers in the thousands. With the market evolving at an incredible rate of development – Human nature always wants something Bigger, Faster, More Powerful (Look at how the Mobile Phone has evolved over such a short time).
    It is unfortunate that some people feel they have the right to just go and blow big clouds where ever they like and i encourage you to take what ever action you feel 😀 As a Vaper it is these indivuals clouding in built up or crowded areas that are giving the rest of us a bad name. The only times i blow large vapour clouds in social environment is at our monthly Vape Nights in a local pub where it is explained to people in advance why we are there and what is to be expected – no one has any issues with this as we open a door and have the extractors running and are bringing business to an otherwise dead pub.
    We aren’t all inconsiderate and we do feel and understand your displeasure. Some people just have no respect or social etiquette.

    Cheers Anthony,

    Joel Inman

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