On My Mind: Hats

Hey again Deviants! It is looking promising that Wednesdays may be the day for the new editions of On My Mind as a way to help you get over that mid-week hump and ready for the downward slope into the weekend. So once again here is what’s on my mind.

Hats are one of the most useful things that have ever been created in my opinion because there is such a variety of them and with that variety comes a multitude of different uses. Baseball caps are used to keep the sun out of your eyes, beanie caps are used to keep your head and ears warm, those hats with the long furry ear things keep your noggin warm and also look cool, some hats have bottle openers on them just in case you need that drink opened in a pinch and all of them are used to hide a receding hairline or one that is already gone. Over the years styles change and along with that comes the change in how hats are used such as the snap-back (which I still can’t wrap my head around) and how it is now a symbol of the cool kids along with an extreme pain in the ass to get properly fitted if it comes undone. With hats comes the responsibility of knowing the proper places to wear them and where it is inappropriate to keep them on which brings me to what has been bothering me for a long time, hats worn in the gym. If you are in a gym that means that you are almost always going to be inside which takes away the excuse to wear a hat because of weather or sun which leaves only one reason that you continue to wear them, because you are a basic bro and want to look like a dick. Wearing a hat in the gym is like wearing a sign that is bright and neon saying “I think I am bigger, stronger, and better looking than everyone else here, hey girl come and watch me pretend I can do a full curl with this heavy weight.” Odds are this is the same person that is wearing a color coordinated outfit and spent more time styling the hair that shows out from their hat than they do actually doing anything productive in the gym. I hope that I can change this epidemic of inappropriate hat wearing in the gym by shedding light on it and making the gym a safer place for everyone where there is no longer extremely egotistical basic bros walking around attempting to intimidate anyone that is actually trying to use the gym and not just talk about how they can get with the girl on the elliptical. Spread the awareness and stop hats from being put in situations that they don’t want to Deviants!



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