The Playlist

Hola Deviants! As part of our charge to continue to get the website really up and going we are starting another new thing and that is our playlists. We will be posting the songs that we have had on repeat and just can’t seem to get out of our heads. So let’s get things going!

This week I have had several songs that have been playing in my head when I am not listening to them on the radio or my computer.

-Ship To Wreck by Florence + The Machine: This song is just so damn catchy and up beat even if the lyrics are a bit depressing.

-Killing Time by City and Colour: Little to my knowledge this band has been around for awhile now and they have a lot of great stuff but this bluesy tune is still my favorite.

-Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart by Chris Cornell: Another solo single from the front-man for Soundgarden and Audioslave this song is a solid blend of rock and country.

-Nightlife by Silversun Pickups: A new song from a band with a unique sound, this just won’t leave my head.

That is my list for this week everyone but don’t forget to keep checking back for more new content and uploads!



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