On My Mind: Winter

Hey there all you Deviants, going into a new year ideas have been swirling around the Devious Duo and some new things are going to start popping up for your great pleasure and enjoyment! To start things off is going to be a new series about things that get under our skin, so without further ado let’s get started!


Ahhh winter, a time of the year when the sun shines off the pearl colored ground and a fresh snow makes everything seem new and fresh. The time of the year where the brisk air invigorates one as they step out the door and the ice plays with the sunlight in dazzling ways. I look at this seen and it warms my heart, it warms it in a way that makes me hate the very existence of seasons and why I am stuck in the bitter, snow covered hell that is winter. A lot of people look forward to the winter as a time where they can go skiing or snowboarding and then cozy up to a fire and drink hot chocolate under a blanket but not me. Winter to me is a time of the year where every morning is a struggle to force my self out of bed to face the bitter air only to open up the blinds and see ice and fluffy water covering everything just to remind me that I need to layer up to even grab the paper from the driveway. It is the time of year when I can never seem to have enough clothes on to stay warm or I have too much on and am sweating as I walk to my car frustrated that I am about to spend five minutes scraping off the ice before I can drive home. There are countless other reasons to hate winter, chapped lips, dry skin, discomfort while breathing, numb hands and feet, snow, painful joints, dumb drivers, snow, and being stuck inside.

I know that some people really enjoy this time of the year and that is fine, just know you all have a sick mind. If you have any feelings on this time of the year and want to share them with us feel free in the comments or email us or find another creative method to inform us of your opinion. Be sure to check in for the next time that I open up on what’s on my mind!




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