Awesome Artists: The Heavy

Deviants! How’s it going? It’s another Friday which means we continued putting the work in to find you a new artist to check out and this week we are bringing you The Heavy!

The Heavy is a band that many people probably already know but just don’t realize it. They are out of Britain and have been active for a handful of years now with three records under their belt. Their sound is rock with some hints of R&B and blues influences. The sound is powerful with strong vocals and pounding instruments that make you want to jam along every time. How You Like Me Now? is probably the most recognizable of their songs stateside with a catchy chorus and fast tempo. What Makes a Good Man? is bluesy and in your face with a perfect blend of rock and R&B influences. With only a three album catalog The Heavy doesn’t have a large amount of music but what they do have is awesome and easy to listen to on repeat so go and check them out!



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