Awesome Artists: Man Man

Why howdy there Deviants! It is another week and another artist for you! This week we are bringing you an artist that has been around for awhile but still has not been heard enough by the masses, Man Man.

Man Man is a band that is out of Philadelphia and has been around for over a decade now. Their sound is very unique and focuses a lot on the instruments and the catchy and rhythmic lyrics. The vocals and sound have a almost Modest Mouse vibe but are entirely their own. Each songs flow makes you move along with it and you will have a hard time getting it out of your head. The song Loot My Body will have you singing along with it by the end and dancing along with the groovy vibes. Head On (Hold On To Your Heart) makes you feel some of the pain coming from the lyrics but also the hope that they inspire. Even though Man Man has been around for quite a few years now they still do not have a huge following and are truly underappreciated, be sure to go check them out and the wide catalog that they have!



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