Awesome Artists: Banks

Well Deviants, what’s going on?! It is another Friday which means it is another artist that we are going to showcase for you. This week we have an artist that you may have already heard of but we believe still has not been getting enough recognition for how awesome she is, Banks!

Banks has only been on the major music scene for a few years now and her catalog is not too big yet with only two EPs and one full album under her belt. Banks, or her full name Jillian Banks, falls under the category of alternative with some hints of pop and hip hop sprinkled in. Her music highlights her skills at creating strong lyrics that are given power and depth by her strong and varying vocals. The rhythm that comes from the instruments and background only help to show off her vocals and create beats that help keep her songs stuck in your head. The song Beggin For Thread magnifies Banks’ strong vocals and catchy but powerful songwriting abilities. Drowning shows the emotional depth that her lyrics and voice convey across her music. Make sure to check out Banks’ full album Goddess and all of her other fantastic music!



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