Awesome Artists: Highly Suspect

It’s been a week Deviants which means that it is time for a new artist to bring you guys! This week we have a band that is up and coming and rocks pretty hard, Highly Suspect.

Highly Suspect is a rock trio that is out of Brooklyn and has been filling up our ears now for the past several months. They have a very raw and powerful sound with all of their tracks that make you feel like you are headbanging at one of their concerts. There is a fast pace nature too their songs with almost a bluesy overtone. The lyrics are catchy and the instruments really drive the music home. Bath Salts is a very addicting song that takes you along for the ride as it progresses into madness. Possibly their most recognizable song Lydia showcases Highly Suspect’s ability to highlight lyrics with instrumentals that could not be any more perfect. Below is a link to the video for Lydia, so be sure to check it out and give Highly Suspects new album Mister Asylum a spin!



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