Awesome Artists: Neutral Bias

Hey you crazy Deviants! As part of our artist spot light again we are showcasing our friends out of Seattle, Neutral Bias. If you have listened to our show regularly you may have already heard us show them off a few times but if you have not heard them already then check them out!

Neutral Bias is duo out of Seattle that has a very mellow and laid back tone. The duo is comprised of Emilia and Madelynn and they have a folk/singer-songwriter vibe with their music. The singing is shared and provides a very melodic and soothing tone to a backdrop of acoustic melodies. Their song Summer is one of our favorites with its soft reminders of how the seasons change through their gentle lyrics. Tessellate, which is a cover of the same song by Alt-j, is another one of our favorite songs and shows Neutral Bias’ ability to take a song and make it their own. Below is a link to their soundcloud so make sure to check them out!



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