Awesome Artists: Tenenbaums

Howdy there Deviants! As many of you know we have a pretty solid relationship with the band Tenenbaums who also hail from Vermtown. We have featured them on our show on multiple occasions and even our fan favorite Drew is the drummer.

Tenenbaums are a band that comes straight out of good old South Dakota and is pretty new to the music scene. We have attended a couple of their shows where they always are interacting with the crowd and able to get them psyched for the music. Tenenbaums put out their first full album Favorite Dreams only a few months ago and it is a fantastic debut effort. The instruments are layered well and the album has a good mix of softer and more upbeat music. Just as the name implies it is a very dreamy ride throughout and feels perfect throughout. We have linked their album below and make sure you give them a listen and keep updated on what they have going on!



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