Awesome Artists: Con Bro Chill

Hey again all you Deviants! We are back to bring you another highlight of an artist that we find incredible. This week we are bringing you the fantastically neon Con Bro Chill! Many of our listeners have already been introduced to the incredible music of these guys but for those that have not be prepared to experience something wacky and awesome.

Con Bro Chill is made up of four guys whose mission is two get the world to stand up, party, and dance like it’s the last time they ever will. Their music is extremely melodic which makes it the perfect background music for any party or any get together with friends. The lyrics are all about having fun and managed to find a way to get stuck in your head with their catchy choruses. In honor of the Fourth of July we have linked the video to Born Free America which not only shows off Con Bro Chill’s neon greatness but also highlights some of the great things to celebrate on America’s birthday. Enjoy and get a little devious!



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