Awesome Artists: Son Little

Hey there Deviants!

As you all know The Devious Duo is all about bringing you the best of everything. We got started with radio which means that we are definitely going to bring you the best music that we can discover. So without further ado here is the first in a long line of artists that we are here to bring for you ear’s pleasure.

On our show one artist that we have showcased a couple of different times (and is also definitely a favorite) is Son Little. Son Little has a rock, alternative, and very blues inspired feel about him. Son Little (who is actually Aaron Earl Livingston) has an EP out entitled Things I Forgot. The EP has a wide range of feel for only six tracks. There is at times an almost seventies type R&B about it but that then changes to a more blues rock sound. The lyrics work perfectly with Livingston’s vocals and could not be better. Linked below is the video for the song The River which is a personal favorite for us and hopefully one that will get you as hooked to Son Little as we are!



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